Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Year 2013:Holding on or Letting go

The year was a remembrance and grace
Have now called us for a final embrace.
When I  look at that memory box
I ponder how fast ticks the clock

Tenderly i have treasured all those moments 
Reminds me all the roads i have chosen
People at times told me to change my mind
But i decided to let loss and be my own guide.

Some things now I have only as a  memory in a frame
I lost hold of them in some crowdy place.
If tears would make a staircase and heartaches make a lane
I would walk the path to heaven and bring them home again.
I hold them close within my heart and there they will remain.
But now I will think about today without worrying about tomorrow
As I know day by day I will leave those sorrows.

I met people who lit up life and my dreams
They helped to blew away my fears by love's steam.
They are the reason that I sleep like a child
They are the reason when I wake up and smile.

When life threw googlies to knock me down
I punched it back wearing hope's crown.
I flew high like thousand winds that blow
I shone like diamonds that glints upon the snow.
I fought darkness like the sunlight on ripened grain
I let go all the pain like the gentle autumn rain.

I know all those moments will be now a story written in my diary
And as life goes on the pages will turn pale but memories will remain
Those we love don’t go away
They walk beside us every day
Unseen, unheard, but always there
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Letter to self


Dear self

As I walk with you just like your shadow l, I feel you are so full of life and so blessed. You are so much excited about doing everything for the very first time and you want to live every moment of the life to the fullest. But as everything shinning has a dark flip side, I find that when you look out of your nest at the real world,the very thought of stepping up into one scares you a bit but its ok to feel that way. Life is mystery and, the whole beauty lies in seeing it unfold before you as you go so just clam down,you always need not to figure out everything. Some logic are better to left unstated. It's ok not to know what is going to happen ahead.

You do everything with all you might to make perfect but my dear you don't have to be the perfect one. You are truly enough for me just the way you are. You don't have to push yourself so much to be someone you are not. Your imperfections are the one which makes you unique. Your specialness is what i want you to always preserve.

I know you want to do everything at record speed, the best anyone have ever done.I would love you to slow down, life isn't a race. I am giving you to permission to slow down and to focus your lens on every moment so as to have a picture perfect memory. Your soul can only be heard when you are still enough to listen. I am giving you enough time to listen to surpassing breeze, to feel the warmth of sun, bliss of that moonlight in still water.Throw your head swinging high in air and dance to the beats of your heart. So just feel it before the clouds of uncertainty cover the sky and season changes.

When I go down the memory lane I find out that path which lead you here was not that easy to traverse but then also you made it through. You are so strong and brave. So just kick off all your fears. Keep doing what you love without letting anyone else frame your decision.All what matters is how much you love yourself so keep dancing to the beats like noone's watching you. I know Life is hard but dancing through it is what Life's about!! Life is waiting for you with arms open wide and I am so excited to embrace it for you.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Friday, 13 December 2013

Quote #2

Look into a child's eyes, you will find what you have been searching from so long!!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Quote #1

Truth has become so hard to envisage that people reckon more on illusions.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What am I gonna leave behind?

Staring at the boundless sky a thought struck my mind
When my time comes what am I gonna leave behind?
They say one day everyone will be among the stars
I wonder will I be able to leave my "one in billion" mark!!

Will I leave a bookshelf full of stories
Pages still waiting to unleash the glories.
Will I leave a pen and diary open
Treasuring the stories I have woven.
Will I leave some poems, tweets on the web
With the comments from the friends.

Will I leave some books published in my fame
But who will read them when they will even forget my name.
Will I leave some poems unrhymed
Which I thought I will complete when time is right.
But then the time would be gone
And also the one,these things who owned.

All these things will soon turn into ashes
And nothing will be left not even the traces.
It's the point I have to decide
What actually I want to leave behind!!

Well then!!
I want to leave footprint on people's life
Hoping they would remember me in their low and high tides.
I want to leave behind a boutique of memories
Hoping as the time rolls the fragrance always it will carry.
So I don't want to leave behind that "one in billion" mark.
But I do want to leave behind some spark.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

For the "Differently abled" people

Fly High

Everyone is perfect in a unique way
But people always show pity in one or another way.
Don't label them disabled
They are just differently-abled.

Atleast give them the chance at it
Before judging them as unfit.
All they need is a little care
Asking the world for their share.

Blessed are the ones who can hear,speak and see
But they also do so but in a way different as we. 
They are just like you
Don't doubt it, it's true

Yes they do have dreams!!
They dream of walking down the street 
They dream of standing on their own feet.
They dream of listening to the surpassing breeze
They dream of a place where they are not teased.

They are not from a foreign land
So listen to their silence and try to understand.
Their feelings inside are looking at you outside
Just look into their eyes and you will know they are thinking about.

We just look at things but never see them through
They envision the same but a way beyond as we do.
Their day and night themselves they make
They fall asleep still awake.

The brightness of the sun pinches us at times
But they always feel the warmth with a shinning smile.
We talk of the day as bright
But inside them the sun shines all day and night.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Strangers or what??

I believe we meet so many people not just as a chance
They are sent by that almighty on our paths.
They may seem to be the strangers at first part
But soon we start to wonder why they are heading on the same path.

They unknowingly become the piece of the same cake
Which we have been baking for our sake.
But suddenly they mix so well
Making us wonder were they only the missing ingredients to complete the taste?

Some come to teach us the lessons of life
Some cross just to leave us with a satisfying smile.
Some loosens the chains of fears we have
Some have the strange power to peep inside.

They come in our lives to give it a different definition
But then they leave us as a hallucination.
They play their role to complete the story
Which is rolled in our hearts as a memory.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Sometimes I act so swift
And at other point I make you count every instant.
I am like the flowing water
Whom you can never hamper.

You sometimes wonder why don’t I pass away
And at some satisfying turn you wish me to halt a bit away.
But I wait for no one’s instruction
I have my rules which you know are eternal.

I withhold the stories of the past
I even know which spell will the future cast.
I have been the eye-witness of all your days and nights
I even know the secrets buried deep inside.

I pass like the traffic on a busy highway
before you realize my being the rush hour is away.
I seem to be different to you all yet being the same
I know my nature sometimes turns you insane.

You strive hard to search a perfect definition for me
but how will you because I can be the past, present and even the future may be.
You say that I am the wealth of change
But as the clock ticks down I make no wealth but only change.

I am the painter who has knowledge of all the shades of life
I have the power to paint the beginning of a certain end and the end of a sure beginning in your lifetime.