Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Sometimes I act so swift
And at other point I make you count every instant.
I am like the flowing water
Whom you can never hamper.

You sometimes wonder why don’t I pass away
And at some satisfying turn you wish me to halt a bit away.
But I wait for no one’s instruction
I have my rules which you know are eternal.

I withhold the stories of the past
I even know which spell will the future cast.
I have been the eye-witness of all your days and nights
I even know the secrets buried deep inside.

I pass like the traffic on a busy highway
before you realize my being the rush hour is away.
I seem to be different to you all yet being the same
I know my nature sometimes turns you insane.

You strive hard to search a perfect definition for me
but how will you because I can be the past, present and even the future may be.
You say that I am the wealth of change
But as the clock ticks down I make no wealth but only change.

I am the painter who has knowledge of all the shades of life
I have the power to paint the beginning of a certain end and the end of a sure beginning in your lifetime. 

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