Saturday, 7 December 2013

For the "Differently abled" people

Fly High

Everyone is perfect in a unique way
But people always show pity in one or another way.
Don't label them disabled
They are just differently-abled.

Atleast give them the chance at it
Before judging them as unfit.
All they need is a little care
Asking the world for their share.

Blessed are the ones who can hear,speak and see
But they also do so but in a way different as we. 
They are just like you
Don't doubt it, it's true

Yes they do have dreams!!
They dream of walking down the street 
They dream of standing on their own feet.
They dream of listening to the surpassing breeze
They dream of a place where they are not teased.

They are not from a foreign land
So listen to their silence and try to understand.
Their feelings inside are looking at you outside
Just look into their eyes and you will know they are thinking about.

We just look at things but never see them through
They envision the same but a way beyond as we do.
Their day and night themselves they make
They fall asleep still awake.

The brightness of the sun pinches us at times
But they always feel the warmth with a shinning smile.
We talk of the day as bright
But inside them the sun shines all day and night.