Saturday, 28 December 2013

Letter to self


Dear self

As I walk with you just like your shadow l, I feel you are so full of life and so blessed. You are so much excited about doing everything for the very first time and you want to live every moment of the life to the fullest. But as everything shinning has a dark flip side, I find that when you look out of your nest at the real world,the very thought of stepping up into one scares you a bit but its ok to feel that way. Life is mystery and, the whole beauty lies in seeing it unfold before you as you go so just clam down,you always need not to figure out everything. Some logic are better to left unstated. It's ok not to know what is going to happen ahead.

You do everything with all you might to make perfect but my dear you don't have to be the perfect one. You are truly enough for me just the way you are. You don't have to push yourself so much to be someone you are not. Your imperfections are the one which makes you unique. Your specialness is what i want you to always preserve.

I know you want to do everything at record speed, the best anyone have ever done.I would love you to slow down, life isn't a race. I am giving you to permission to slow down and to focus your lens on every moment so as to have a picture perfect memory. Your soul can only be heard when you are still enough to listen. I am giving you enough time to listen to surpassing breeze, to feel the warmth of sun, bliss of that moonlight in still water.Throw your head swinging high in air and dance to the beats of your heart. So just feel it before the clouds of uncertainty cover the sky and season changes.

When I go down the memory lane I find out that path which lead you here was not that easy to traverse but then also you made it through. You are so strong and brave. So just kick off all your fears. Keep doing what you love without letting anyone else frame your decision.All what matters is how much you love yourself so keep dancing to the beats like noone's watching you. I know Life is hard but dancing through it is what Life's about!! Life is waiting for you with arms open wide and I am so excited to embrace it for you.

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