Friday, 6 December 2013

Strangers or what??

I believe we meet so many people not just as a chance
They are sent by that almighty on our paths.
They may seem to be the strangers at first part
But soon we start to wonder why they are heading on the same path.

They unknowingly become the piece of the same cake
Which we have been baking for our sake.
But suddenly they mix so well
Making us wonder were they only the missing ingredients to complete the taste?

Some come to teach us the lessons of life
Some cross just to leave us with a satisfying smile.
Some loosens the chains of fears we have
Some have the strange power to peep inside.

They come in our lives to give it a different definition
But then they leave us as a hallucination.
They play their role to complete the story
Which is rolled in our hearts as a memory.