Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What am I gonna leave behind?

Staring at the boundless sky a thought struck my mind
When my time comes what am I gonna leave behind?
They say one day everyone will be among the stars
I wonder will I be able to leave my "one in billion" mark!!

Will I leave a bookshelf full of stories
Pages still waiting to unleash the glories.
Will I leave a pen and diary open
Treasuring the stories I have woven.
Will I leave some poems, tweets on the web
With the comments from the friends.

Will I leave some books published in my fame
But who will read them when they will even forget my name.
Will I leave some poems unrhymed
Which I thought I will complete when time is right.
But then the time would be gone
And also the one,these things who owned.

All these things will soon turn into ashes
And nothing will be left not even the traces.
It's the point I have to decide
What actually I want to leave behind!!

Well then!!
I want to leave footprint on people's life
Hoping they would remember me in their low and high tides.
I want to leave behind a boutique of memories
Hoping as the time rolls the fragrance always it will carry.
So I don't want to leave behind that "one in billion" mark.
But I do want to leave behind some spark.

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