Thursday, 13 February 2014

Love is family

"Love" it is that one emotion which connects many other emotions like care, affection, concern and many more. Love is that feeling that stir up when you are among the people you care about and they care for you more than you do. Love keeps you from falling apart and will always keep your smile bright and eyes shinning because you know there are some people you have in your life worth fighting these problems.For some you the source of happiness and some are the source of your strength.

Certainty in my moves, the cheer in my voice, shine in my eyes, confidence in my gait and the love in my heart is all what I owe to my family. They will always show you your strengths by removing the veil of  fear.

Love is when you go back home from hostel and your brother happily hands over the TV remote to you. He will act like he is the elder one and you are the small girl he has to take care of. Anger will rush in his veins even at that slight stare of a stranger at her sister. He will do anything to protect you from those stary eyes.

Love is when your father puts your bag on your shoulder everytime you leave for hostel. No matter how old you  grow, you will always be his little princess. When he asks you in twisted manner to know if you are facing any problem. He loves you more than you know but his masculinity comes in the way when it comes to showing you the extent.

Love is when your mother can not shut her eyes because her child is suffering.Every small movement you make; she gets up and tells that she is right next to you and you again sleep wrapped in her care's banklet. Sometimes all you need to set things in place is her hug and those sweet whispers in your ear. Instead of asking something from God, bow your head for her blessing.

Love is when your sister tells you that she is always there for you no matter what. No matter how much you shout at her and fight with her ; she will always be the one who will hear to all your problems patiently and will help you untie the node. She will always help you find the pieces of your lost self.

No matter how far you are from them, with their love in your heart you will always find your way back home. Home is the place where heart sings.

They will always give you more than you ask
You are bonded to them by the love spell they cast.
In this harsh world,they will always keep you safe
They will be the pillar of your strength whenever a problem you would face.

Love is Family.


  1. It's so touching <3
    beautifully penned (y)

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