Friday, 7 March 2014

Father to his daughter

When she first looked at him and clinched his hand
He found a love which only he could understand.
The happiest moment of his life was when she spoke her first word
He has captured those memories in an album, now lying in his cupboard.

When with her small feet, towards him she took her first step 
With arms open wide to embrace her, he was standing at the other end.
He promised that he would keep her safe through each day of her life
Yet, all the while, he knew her princess would grow up to be someone's wife.

When clouds of uncertainty drowned, he helped her smile 
He taught her this is the only thing which will help her strive.
There were moments when his eyes were filled with pride
Not always that she won but he knew that how hard she tired.
On her, he has laid down all his fame
His chest fills with pride when someone addresses him by her name.
He knew when to guide her and when to let go
The latter the hardest which only parents know.

As he takes her hand in his and walk down the aisle 
You can see how proud he is and see his eyes smile.
She is a princess,her daddy's little girl
She is dressed in red with her hair slightly curled.
"Time flies", he thinks looking at her face
He notices his child turning into a woman's grace.

Today he has been asked to give away all he owned
Which is hard for him as she has been his lifeline since the day she was born.
Few moments from now, someone else's hand she will hold 
As she is about to begin this new journey of memories to unfold.
He is holding on to tears of sadness filled with joy
Now He has to let her go and face the hardest goodbye.