Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Forgetting or Remembering

She laid down all her hopes on a memory from another time and place
She tried hard to put aside every bit which reminds her of his face.
She wrote and wrote just to swipe him away but he was still there beneath the spaces her writings
Until she forgets him, he could still be found in her forgettings.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Till the moment she listened to others, she was caged
When she started humming the beat of her heart, she was a free bird.
When she lost everything, she found herself.

There is nothing well in "Farewell"

You held my hand all through these years
You helped me fight my childish fears.
I used to be scared and frightened to try
You are the one who questioned me back with a why.

You sparkled up my life with your love light
But now all I see are the memories you will be leaving behind.
I remember all those things you did for me and it makes me cry
I would like to erase one memory  when you will wishing me goodbye.

There isn't much I have done for you along the road
But I remember all those moments and those advice episodes.
Though it is hard to accept that now you both will be gone 
It scares the hell out of me that now i will have to deal with everything all alone.

I know you are going on to have a better life
And i wish to you get everything you want on the first try.
I know the time has come for you to fly
The hardest part of this love is the last goodbye.
Thank you for all the memories of laughter you gave me here 
I will always remember you and when I do i just wish i can stop those tears.