Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What if...

Dream on Dreamer
What if you are in a dark place on your own and no hand to take you out to light again. Find your own spark and burn so bright because that is how galaxies are made. Burn and find your way out on your own.

What if chasing your dreams get so hard sometimes that you realize that you have given up on so many things just to make some of your creative dreams come true. Still don’t ever give up on your dreams because they are the choices you made for yourself and they will eventually make you who you want you be.

What if you lost trust and sometimes you feel like the world around is too fake for you to take it all but that is how it has always been. You don’t have to feel bad because of them because at least you are true to yourself.

What if it gets so hard to survive the darkness in your days that night feels more peaceful than bright sunny day. Life will not always be as you want it to but that is what will make you stronger and as they say “When the going gets tough, the tougher gets going”.

What if they don’t realize that sadness in eyes when you try so hard just to smile and end up having an urge to let it all out in one go. But you need to realize that life will beat you down to your knees, you need to make the choice then whether to get lost in the dust or rise high from the ashes. 

It may get harder at times but hold on for a while longer and everything will be better. There is enough fire inside you to kill the bad thoughts. You are stronger than you have ever been, you don’t need a shoulder to lean onto just to feel good again. You have learned well how to get up with a smile every day no matter how hard it was to sleep at night. This path which you choose for yourself is meant to be travelled on your own because your dreams are so high for others to handle on the way. Your dreams are yours and they are not to the mercy of others and so do your happiness.

Continue to appreciate everything and everyone around you; from little things to the big adventures. From the people who are your friends to the strangers you met on your way back home.  Be thankful to the ones who stood by your side when you were trying to find your way to this mature and practical world. More than that be grateful to those who criticized you because they made you stronger with each passing comment.

Above all be happy about yourself that you have made so far and you are still in the process of realizing your dreams and still in the process of becoming someone better with each beating which the world throws at you.


  1. Love it :) keep writing Shelly :)

  2. Love it :) keep writing Shelly :)

  3. I think you are a good poet........ write something new....... Do not cage that bird...... You are unique in so many ways