About Me

Look on  very exit as an entrance somewhere else

Well about me!!

I am a music lover, novel freak and my degree says that soon I will be an engineer "officially". All I need is a pen and paper to mould the feelings into rhymes. Books are my patient companion.

Writing is the one thing that gives me a place to go somewhere else when I have to stay where I am. I write because I cannot keep some much in my mind and it keeps my soul content. It’s my way to feel free. It brings a feeling of joy when you see your thoughts, your feelings and a bit of you on those pages.

I read because I love the moment when I just escape into my world of imagination, leaving behind everything else. When you read something you are stopped, the moment is stayed, and you can sometimes be there more fully than you can in your real life.

Music is like the food for my soul. It’s the one thing that keeps me moving. Music is so infectious that ones you get infected, you will never look for a cure. Music itself is the cure for all the bad moods, heartaches and everything. I believe in the saying.

“Life is for the living
Death is for the dead
Let life be like music
And death a note unsaid”

I am on my way to write my own story and I am sure going be good.
Tune into life..

Happy reading!!